Gravel Road Bluesgrass

The Crossroads of Blues and Bluegrass is a Gravel Road...

Gravel Road Bluesgrass presents a live show thats unpredictably fresh: blues, bluegrass, folk, and R&B flavored concoctions that pour from the soul and will leave you shaken, stirred and smiling.  

Acoustic, authentic and unusual, the band weaves a spell-bounding set that includes a diverse variety of covers, (including Bill Withers, Doc Watson, John Lee Hooker, Bill Monroe, Van Morrison, ) using a soaring fiddle, gritty slide guitar, and an earthy acoustic bass.  Timeless and tempered, great music rolls on the Gravel Road. 

For Booking information, contact

Matt Slocum,


Here's the Gravel Road take on Little Sadie, a traditional song, revised, and revitalized. 
From a recent gig in Baltimore....
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